Suki Bears

Suki BearsThe family's arrrived!

Suki bears now in stock. Ideal as a special present for a child christening, 18th or 21st birthday, anniversary or wedding present. 

Each Bear is limited to just 1,500pcs worldwide & key features of each bear include a Silver Tag® Bears fabric logo on his or her left foot pad & a hand numbered certificate of authenticity which adorns the neck of the bear & includes a hand written limited edition number. Each bear has a traditional pronounced hump on his or her back, is heavily weighted with beans and has moveable joints to arms, legs & head. All bears are made from exceptionally high quality fabrics & include beautiful muli-tonal plush. Every bear has handcrafted finishing touches to ensure that no two bears are the same.

To ensure you can transport your new friend each bear is sold with special printed Silver Tag® Bears tissue paper & stylish carry box complete with air holes.

How to order - Please call: 01633 430022 (Instore collection only)
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