Harrison Blue Diamond 27,400

Harrison Blue Diamond 27,400

Handteased Horsehair & Yorkshire Wool blend, Wool Viscose Blend, Cashmere, Wool & Silk Blend, Mohair & Wool Blend, Microlution Spring System, HD 4000 Titanium Alloy Springs, HD 2500 Titanium Alloy Springs.


The Blue Diamonds the ultimate in luxurious comfort with a total spring count of 27400. Featuring award-winning nested Revolution®, contouring Microlution 5000 Airflow and supremely resilient HD 4000 lightweight titanium alloy springs for superior support.

Layered with the most sumptuous of natural fillings including handteased horsehair, Yorkshire wool, super soft cashmere and fine, silky mohair. The Blue Diamond benefits from Warm Side / Cool Side technology and is finished with a ChemFRee mattress cover. Choose from gently supportive, medium support or firm support.


Please call 01633 430022 for further information. 

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